Hey dudes, what’s the best way to cure your NYE hangover? With a kick-ass sale. We’ll be open from 11-3 01/01/14 with slashed prices throughout the ENTIRE store.

It’s October, let’s get spooky (at Hobbs)

Men: J shoes, Jack Black, and Missoni ties. (at Hobbs)

It’s still wedding season, do you have the perfect accessory to set off that simple suit? (at Hobbs)

Get nutty this Halloween down here

Halloween’s just around the corner!!!

Settin up (Taken with Instagram at Hobb’s)

Taken with Instagram at Hobb’s

#jeaninepayer (Taken with Instagram at Hobb’s)

It’s almost 5 o’clock, ready to #shave that shadow? (Taken with Instagram at Hobb’s)